The only thing you can't recycle is wasted time.

Chipolo Renewal program helps you upgrade to the latest version of Chipolo at a highly-discounted price and takes care of your old Chipolos by of recycling them at the same time.

How does the Chipolo Renewal program work?

Your Chipolo Plus will run a year or longer with no maintenance necessary. The app will remind you that it's time for an upgrade before the battery runs out and you’ll be able to get new ones at a discounted price of up to 50%. We will take care of recycling your old ones.

It's really simple


Can I renew my Chipolo Plus for Chipolo Classic?

Yes, you can choose to renew for either Plus or Classic. If your new Chipolo is a Plus, you’ll again have the option to renew after a year. If your new Chipolo is a Classic, the renewal program will no longer apply, since the battery on the Classic can be replaced by the user.

How many Chipolo Pluses can I purchase through renewal program?

You can renew all the Chipolo Pluses that are active on your account and are about to run out. If you have 4 Chipolo Pluses, you’ll have the option to choose between a 1-pack and a 4-pack.

How often can I renew my Chipolo Pluses?

Each Chipolo Plus can be renewed once per year. If you have multiple Chipolo Pluses on your account and you started using them at the same time, you will have a chance to renew them all at once. If you have multiple Chipolo Pluses, but you started using them at different times, you will have the option to renew them individually before the battery runs out.

Can the price change?

Some adjustments in prices might occur since Chipolo is growing with each year. However, we can guarantee that our renewal program will always offer the best deal possible.

How long does Chipolo Plus last?

The Plus model is designed to last a year or longer with no maintenance necessary. To ensure the reliability of your Chipolo Plus, we would still recommend you renew it when the 12-month period is up.

Are the batteries replaceable?

No, the batteries in the Chipolo Plus are not replaceable. This model is designed for users that prefer a maintenance-free and water resistant device with an option to upgrade to the latest model at highly discounted prices.

In case you’d prefer to have a device with a replaceable battery, check our Chipolo Classic model.